Custom illustration

How can I get my own personalized car illustration?

Etienne Art is dedicated to creating new illustrations for private car owners, magazines or companies. I was lucky enough to work on more than 300 custom artwork projects so far. I’m the artist to go to for personalized unique drawings of your vehicles.

You can ask for anything and we’ll create a unique layout together. You can choose between three illustration sizes (14x11, 20x16 or 24x18), have one, two or three car views, a background or the emblem of the car, anything. All will be custom made in a unique illustration by a world's renowned automotive artist.

All illustrations are made with my unique mixed technique of hand and digital sketching. You will receive a prenium quality print at the chosen illustration size.

How does it work?

Contact me and explain what you have in mind and we will discuss everything you need to know from your illustration layout to shipping of your artwork.

Don't forget to send me as many picture as you can


Examples of requests and previous custom project

Corvette Grand Sport 1963
car owner: Jerry Bach

Dodge Charger 1966
car owner: Ron Edelenbos

Shelby GT350H Hertz 1966
car owner: Dick Daniel
Examples of an illustration process from initial layout sketch to complete rendered illustration.
Roadrunner 1972
car owner: Jean-Pierre Roy


Challenge me and you will not regret this purchase. You can see through this link, feedback of satisfied clients. FEEDBACKS